Hi. My name is The Walrus. I was doing Podcasting before the name “Pod Casting” even existed. I was the pioneer of FLASH animation on the web. You may know me from LiquidGeneration.com, or Zipperfish.com. or my podcasts. As a movie and TV lover, I realized that I had to wade through shit just to get the good content. But I also realized that I do not have the pull to bring in scoops, nor the lack of integrity to write up bullshit articles made for click-bait. I want TheWalrusLife.com to be a place where you can go, to just get THE HEADLINE. If you want to read more, then I link every image to the news source. But most of the time, just the Headline and my Snarky response is enough.

I link to every new trailer and news story that is worth while. I WILL NEVER post s rumor, or clickbait. This means that on some days, I might post 5 stories, or maybe none. Sometimes I may post a review, or nothing at all. Enjoy!